Hellboy: Winter Special 2016


I picked this up mainly because it is a stand-alone special issue that contains four short vignettes. I kind of like that format—it reminds me of how comics were when I was growing up, especially the horror comics which were a staple of my reading diet.

The stories are good, but not great, except for the first one: “Broken Vessels.” This is an excellent tale that draws on shamanism and also includes a reference to the mythical land of Hyperborea. I was really impressed by the writing and artwork in this particular vignette, and I loved the ending, which left room for interpretation. I’m still kind of surprised how the creative team was able to craft such a rich story in so few pages.

I don’t have much more to say about this. It is worth picking up if you see it. “Broken Vessels” alone is worth the cover price. Everything else is bonus material.

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