Monstress: Issue #05


So far, I’ve been very impressed with this arc. The writing and artwork are both excellent and the storyline is engaging. In this installment, I was particularly intrigued by a passage near the end that sounded like it could have come from an H.P. Lovecraft tale.

… And then, there are the old gods. We know next to nothing about these mythic beings except that they are creatures of immense and destructive power, who the poets believe once threatened nearly all existence. Now only their shadows haunt the world. Many Arcanics worship them, or attempt to placate them with offerings, but there is nothing divine about the old ones. They are horrors. It is said that the most terrible of the old gods was not banished with its kin — that it yet slumbers in our world. When it wakes, may Ubasti save us all.

Reading this again, it also feels as if the creative team was drawing on Greek mythology as well as tapping into Lovecraft. I see similarities between the old gods and the Titans. I suspect the idea of elder gods is something found in many myths.

Anyway, I just wanted to share an interesting quote. Hope you all found it as thought-provoking as I did. Cheers!



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7 responses to “Monstress: Issue #05

  1. I have always enjoyed mythology and the stories of the gods. There’s so much to draw from!

  2. Another interesting feature. I’m not familiar with this one, so am glad to read this. And synchronicity … I just finished reading John Howard’s novel, Carter & Lovecraft. Smart, witty, weird. I enjoyed it. ~ J

    • Hey Jamie. I am not familiar with that novel. Sounds like it is good. I will try to keep that one in mind next time I’m shopping for books. 🙂


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