The Last Bookstore


So I just got back from a trip out to Los Angeles. While I was there, I was compelled to check out some bookstores. My daughter recommended The Last Bookstore. I have to say, one of the coolest bookstores I’ve visited.

The store is two floors, and the second floor contains works of art created out of books.


In addition, the second floor is also home to a labyrinth of books.


As you meander through the maze of bookshelves, you encounter things like a portal made from books.


There is also an archway made out of books. Walking through it made my literary heart flutter.


So I know the question on everyone’s mind: What books did you buy? I bought a couple gift books for family, and for myself, I picked up Once (a collection of poems by Alice Walker) and Beyond The Wall by Edward Abbey. Considering the sheer volume of books available, I think I showed admirable restraint.



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18 responses to “The Last Bookstore

  1. Great pictures!!!! Thanks for sharing this. What an amazing place.

  2. What a cool place! So fun to see these pictures of what looks like an awesome bookstore!

  3. Like a fun-house for (and with) books. Coo-wull. It likely took some care to select your books from those creative shelvings. 😉 Thanks for sharing this with us, Jeff. Very merry. J

  4. Alex Hurst

    What a freaking cool bookstore!! I love it! 😀 Sort of a Burton-esque vibe to some of the structures. It must have been really awesome in person.

    • Hey Alex! Burton-esque — yeah, that is a great description. It was very cool. There were also artist studios in there, and the art was available for purchase. We saw a few of the artists working while we were there.

  5. Adding a pilgrimage to The Last Bookstore to my bucket list. Thanks for the tip off, Jeff!

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  8. Great pics of a great bookstore! Tried to post link to my fb post from last year, was a pic of me and my daughter all dressed up for The Last Bookstore’s Harry Potter Night, but WordPress wouldn’t let me submit it. Oh well, friend me on there k? Also, love your blog – hours of stuff for me to geek out on!