House of Penance: Issue 03


With all the debate about guns in the US right now, there is a quote from this installment that really resonated with me.

You entered this house, Mr. Peck, on your own volition. You stay here because you want to. Because you need to. Each “blam” of a hammer reminds these workers of the blood they have spilt, be it innocent or guilty. Listening to the sound of a gun twenty-four hours a day is their penance—for embracing all that a gun has to offer.

There is poetic justice here, and I cannot help but think of the levels of Dante’s Inferno. We each must answer for our actions, and the punishment we face is often that of our own creation.

There is a lot going on in the world right now. Change is everywhere, and so is tension. I feel like we are on the threshold of something huge. I hear the constant drumming of the hammers as our new reality is being forged.


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5 responses to “House of Penance: Issue 03

  1. I recently watched Deadpool. At first I thought it was just a rank celebration/selling of violence. But I stuck with it, culture hound that I am, and found myself watching it, even though at times I felt like turning it off.

    “There must be something in this” I thought to myself… as blood spattered freely and human beings were killed like flies. After a while I was pulled in and, actually, pleasantly surprised at the sort of postmodern device of blurring the lines between traditional film and standup comedy (where the viewer is directly addressed as someone watching a film). There’s a term for this. I can’t remember what cultural theorists call it. But it was done very well, this merging of formats.

    Anyhow, your post just brought this to mind. Not directly related… 🙂

    • Deadpool is an interesting character. He does not fit in the normal character alignment grid. He’s not good. He’s not evil. He’s not neutral. He kind of blurs the lines, which I think is the genius of his character.

  2. Yes it was quite innovative. Again to praise American ingenuity, I admire how some creators will literally go where no person has gone before. Even if I was mildly turned off here and there, I respect the sheer freedom of expression/representation. And the color scheme was great. Even the garbage bins were carefully color coordinated!