My Newest Writing Instrument


OK, so I know this is Stuff Jeff Reads, but I had to share this. My wife just returned home from a trip and brought me an amazing gift. Knowing how much I love a nice pen, she got me this really cool Salvador Dali pen. I don’t know if my writing is going to become more surreal as a result, but you never know.

Do any of my writer friends out there have a favorite pen, or a good pen story? If so, go ahead and share in the comment area below.

Write on!


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4 responses to “My Newest Writing Instrument

  1. I use a computer to write and take notes. No pen for me….

    • Depends. For work, I use a computer; for journal writing and taking notes on stuff I read personally, a pen. Also, I need a good pen to do the NYT crossword puzzle 🙂

  2. Oh, that’s a lovely pen and a very very nice gift. 🙂 Good pens, good paper … essential (as are our tech tools and venues!).

    • Truth! I do love a good quality journal also. I have been thinking about going old school and getting nice stationery to write actual letters again. Although, if I did, I would probably not get a reply 😉