Diablo House: Issue 01

I recently visited Spain, and while I was in Barcelona I was understandably impressed by the Gaudi architecture I saw there. For this reason, as well as my interest in 70’s horror comics on which I was raised, this new graphic series caught my attention.

The style of this is very similar to the horror comics of the 1970’s, where you have a host narrator who guides your through the tale, offering comedic commentary on the story. In “Diablo House,” the host is Riley, who is a cross between a California surfer dude, the Cryptkeeper, and Cousin Creepy. He guides the reader through rooms in the house, which is an architectural blending of Gaudi and Aztec style.

Judging from the first installment, it seems that each issue has a single tale with a moral, which I like, since I often find myself losing the thread of serialized comics. The story in this issue deals with greed, vanity, and insecurity, and how people will step on others in their insatiable quest for more money, power, and prestige. And of course, it has the moral twist about the negative ramifications associated with this type of obsession.

This issue definitely piqued my interest, so I will check out some more. If you are a fan of the classic horror mags, then you might find this interesting too. Check it out and feel free to share your thoughts. Cheers!


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2 responses to “Diablo House: Issue 01

  1. What a great observation about the similarity between the Gaudi architecture and the 70s horror comics (and the image you use shows that). I remember seeing the Gaudi architecture when i visited Barcelona … just there for a few days on the way home from somewhere else. It’s truly curious!

    • Right? We went inside the Sagrada Familia. Truly a transcendent experience. It was like surrealism meets the sacred in architecture. And the stained glass — unreal!

      On a separate note, i read somewhere that there will be a big psychic shift following yesterday’s equinox. Do you have any insight on that?