Evolution: #01

I recently went with my older daughter to the local comic store. While we were there, she pointed out to me a new comic called Evolution. She was very excited because she had done an internship at Skybound and was tasked with reading the early scripts for this graphic tale. She strongly encouraged me to buy it, saying it was really good and I would like it. There were two installments available, so I purchased both.

This first issue piqued my interest. There is not a lot to write about, since it is basically some background story and the introduction of the principal characters. My daughter told me that there are three story lines woven together and that it will get very good. I’m looking forward.

I will share a quote from Christopher Sebela, one of the writers, which is included at the end of this issue. He shares about how the socio-political uncertainty of the 1980s influenced his interest in horror and ultimately served as inspiration for this story.

Horror is about the personal apocalypse, the destruction of a human body, of a group of friends or a family or the very idea of safety. It’s about the things you trust the most betraying you, standing over you with an axe in its hands, unable to be reasoned with or avoided. With EVOLUTION, we’re setting out to destroy all of that and more, building a world where nothing and no one can be trusted, where even our bodies themselves don’t belong to us. For a kid who used to stay up late watching horror movies my mom never knew about and who spent his days wondering when the air raid sirens would go off and we’d all be vaporized into shadows, this book has been a lifetime in the making for me.

That’s all I have to share for now. I may have more to say after I read issue #02. Cheers!


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6 responses to “Evolution: #01

  1. Wow, that sounds both interesting and intense. I enjoyed reading the excerpt from Christopher and what planted the seeds for him (sounds familiar, and like a Pluto transit!). Will look forward to the upcoming reviews. Happy New Year to you, too!

    • Thanks Jamie! My holidays and New Year were pleasant and quiet. Hope yours were nice.

      Yeah, the excerpt resonated with me too. My daughter (who read the entire script before the artwork was added) says that it is amazing. Looking forward to the future installments.

      Other than that, trying to balance work with family and music and reading and everything else. LOL – when did life get so busy?


  2. Interesting comment. We never know when we’ll be struck by something unfortunate or maybe fatal. For me, trust in God, afterlife etc. makes it manageable. Maybe that’s why I shy away from horror. Except for a few. I do like that 70s film Black Christmas, or whatever it’s called… where they psycho stalks women in a sorority house. But that’s more about reliving the era than the horror.

    • Never saw Black Christmas. I should check it out. As far as reading horror, I do enjoy it. I find it cathartic and can appreciate a writer’s ability to evoke fear (a powerful emotion) through the written word, and in the case of graphic novels, also through art.