A Shameless Plug

OK, so I know that this is “Stuff Jeff Reads,” but I worked hard this weekend updating my other blog and want to share what I did. For those of you who do not know, my other blog is The Stub Collection, where I scan my old concert ticket stubs and write up my (sometimes foggy) memories. Anyway, I spent the weekend creating a new page called The Bands I’ve Seen, which is an alphabetical list of the bands I have seen in concert and written about on the blog (Note: I have hundreds of concert stubs and memories posted, but have only scratched the surface, since I have well over 1000 concert ticket stubs that I have collected over the years).

So, if you are into music like I am, and feel inclined, check out the new page on my other blog and share in some of my concert memories.

Rock on!!



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12 responses to “A Shameless Plug

  1. What a great concept, Jeff. No shame in the plug; seems fair enough to me to share these wonderful memories and experiences (and their lasting effects). 🙂

    • Thanks Jamie! Yeah, it’s been a lot of fun going through all my old ticket stubs and recalling the memories associated with them. And from this perspective, I realize just how many bands I have seen. My kids tease me because just about every band that comes on the radio, my comment is “Oh yeah, I’ve seen them.” LOL

  2. thanks for the grins – and the righteous plug. with over a thousand (!), it is surely true: “Oh yeah, I’ve seen them.” LOL’
    🙂 rock on, jeff!

  3. A helpful plug, I’d say. Great idea. Really makes navigating your vast concert material so much easier. It must have been a pretty big job, organizing and blogging all those posts. 🙂