RIP Ric Ocasek

I was sad to read about the passing of The Cars’ frontman Ric Ocasek. He was a great musician. I was glad I got to see him in the 1980’s. Here is a link to my ticket stub and memories from that concert:

The Cars: 10/24/1987

Thanks Ric, and RIP.


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6 responses to “RIP Ric Ocasek

  1. Very sorry to hear this – The Cars are smack in the center of my college memories.

    • Hi Barb. Yeah, but you know what’s crazy — he was 75 years old! Think about it. He was as old as Mick Jagger and Keith Richards! I had no idea. That was the biggest shock to me. I would have guessed he was in his early 60’s.

  2. For all my 80s Headbanging my Metal Heart always had a soft spot for Ocasek and The Cars as Ric knew how to write brilliant songs with catchy choruses which are​ easier said than done but he made it look it easy!
    RIP Ric!