Quote from “Monstress: Issue 26”

I’ve been reading this comic from its inception, and it is magnificent, both the visual artwork and the word craft. While I don’t post on each installment, this issue includes a quote I feel is important to share.

You have heard me say this before, but it bears repeating: always be aware, kits, of the silences in history… of those stories that even the poets do not tell.

In our digital age, facts and history are subject to suspicion, and even outright denial. As such, we run the risk of inserting silences into our histories, of losing critical information which could help future generations navigate difficulties which they must inevitably face. Additionally, there are some stories that are painful to tell, but the telling of those stories is important. If we let the stories die out, because we are complacent or afraid, then we are complicit in the decimation of history.



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6 responses to “Quote from “Monstress: Issue 26”

  1. Your right Jeff. So much is made of the digital age its crazy how anything can spiral out of control on social media.
    My deal with Facebook and what not is if my friends go political I don’t comment as politics and religion at times can be a touchy thing.
    Too each there own as they say.
    I just wanna Rock N Roll All Night And Party Everyday! lol (thats the 16 year old in me coming out)

    • Thanks for your comment, Derek. Yeah, I’ve had to unfriend some people over the years because of religion and politics on social media. I don’t engage online. I am happy to talk politics and religion, but face-to-face. Let’s get coffee or lunch and we can talk. People are less aggressive when they have to look you in the eye. And as far as “Rock and Roll all nite,” I’ll go with Alice and say, “I wanna be ELECTED!” – LOL

  2. Politics and religion – definitely off limits on my pages. Two touchy topics better discussed face to face, maybe!

    • Agreed. Which is one of the reasons I opt to review and approve comments. It’s fine to disagree with me, as long as it is done respectfully. Combative comments will ne’er be brooked 😉

      • It can even get a little too wild with book discussions – recently experienced that. Better to disengage online when it happens.

      • Yeah, there’s this strange paradigm where people feel that they must attack any idea that challenges their established belief. This is even happening in universities, which I find bizarre since that is the place that is supposed to promote exploration of new ideas. I think it is because we are on the cusp of a global change, and people are grasping at the familiar, trying to cling on to what feels safe to them. Personally, I welcome change. It makes life infinitely more interesting 😀