Actions Have Consequences

Sometimes our actions have consequences we can’t foresee. Tragedy strikes despite good intentions. A hard lesson I’ve had to learn myself. All we can do is endeavor to do our best with what we have. To learn from our past and make the most of our present.

Lady Mechanika: Vol. 4 – The Clockwork Assassin


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2 responses to “Actions Have Consequences

  1. That’s a worthy bit of wisdom. Thanks for sharing, Jeff. And congratulations on your 10-year blogging anniversary (I couldn’t leave a comment on that post) and for all that you’ve shared over those years. I appreciate it! Congrats, too, on your new career path. I can relate. Wonderful that rather than retire the blog altogether you’re able to continue sharing as your time allows. 🙂 Be well. Jamie

    • Hi Jamie. Great to hear from you. Sorry about not being able to comment on the older post. After 10 year of dealing with spam bots, I learned that limited comments to only two weeks after posting date basically stops the spam from coming through. Glad that you approve of my new blog approach. I want to add that over the years I have valued our discussions and your insightful comments and posts. Hope you and yours are all safe and well. Many blessings.