Perception and Enlightenment

Enlightenment (or awakening) means to emerge from a state of unconsciousness—a state of ignorance. The world isn’t anything like what most people think it is, and nearly everything we perceive on this side of the abyss is an illusion—or, more accurately, layers upon layers of illusion. Some of that perception is due to the limitations of our physical senses, but much of it is based on lies and misdirection crafted by people with vested interest in keeping humanity unaware or even unconscious. When we cross the abyss, we see through all of this and look upon reality with the clear sight of our infinite, true nature. It’s not an intellectual process. It’s not something we can get by reading or thinking about it. We experience enlightenment directly, and only because we have completely refined our consciousness.

Damien Echols. Angels & Archangels


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  1. Love this. Is it from a book you reviewed?

    • Hi Deborah. Glad you like the quote. I am still reading through the book. Have not finished. I have recently changed my blog format. After 10 years of writing reviews and such, I needed a break. Plus I started a new line of work which is demanding, so now I just post quotes that I find interesting and inspiring from what I read. Hope you like it. And thanks for supporting my blog for so many years. Many blessings.