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Witchblade: Issue 183 – Power Broker Part 2


So part of this issue I loved, but then I felt a little annoyed too. The writing is excellent and the storyline really draws you in. Sara, who is working for a mysterious woman named Amaryllis, does battle with Otunde, a powerful collector of mystical artifacts. Sara is victorious and secures the artifacts for Amaryllis, but not before Otunde hands her a book which he claims details the true nature of Amaryllis.

The scenes where Sara reads the book are stunning. The text is written in a style of calligraphy that is fitting for the artistic representations of the ancient text. As a bibliophile, this is exactly the kind of thing that gets me excited.

My complaint about this issue is it is too short, barely half the comic! The rest is filled with a short comic from the 2013 Talent Hunt entitled “Some Day One Day.” It was a very good short, and I’m not unhappy that I got to read it, but I just was left with “To Be Continued” on Witchblade when I was really getting excited about the story.

Oh well. I suppose that’s one way to ensure I will buy the next issue.


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