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Rolling Stones: 50 and Counting (Their Money) Tour

StonesTongueI am a big Rolling Stones fan and am grateful that I got to see them five times. I entertained the possibility of taking my kids to see them, until I saw the ticket prices and realized they have completely lost their minds. As a result, I have renamed their tour the “50 and Counting Their Money” tour.

I read on Pollstar what the prices are. The “cheap” tickets are a mere $142.75 plus $29 in TicketMaster fees, bringing the nosebleed seats up to $171.75 each. If you want good seats, those are $571.50 each with a $94.35 TicketMaster fee, bringing the price in at $665.85 per ticket. Honestly, I’m kind of disgusted about this. It’s not like the Stones need the money. To me, it seems more like an ego thing: How much would someone spend to see us play? For me, not that much. I may be dating myself here, but the first time I saw the Stones I paid $5. That’s right – five dollars.

This is nothing short of exploitation, capitalizing on an aging population that is desperately trying to recapture their glory days. I’m not going to be a part of this. I guess I’ll end with a quote from The Clash’s song White Man in Hammersmith Palais: “They got Burton suits, ha you think it’s funny, turning rebellion into money.”


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