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Unknown Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tale Discovered

HCAndersenThere is no way that I can ever be in denial about the fact that I am a lit geek. This was proven once again when I found myself getting excited by the fact that a previously unknown fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen was discovered. (Click here to read the article.)

The story is entitled “Tallow Candle” and tells the tale of how a candle seeks help from a tinder box to be able to ignite itself. The handwritten, six-page manuscript was discovered at the bottom of a box in Denmark’s National Archives by historian Esben Brage.

Reading this makes me wonder how many more undiscovered literary treasures lay buried in boxes somewhere in a basement or attic. I think I share the same fantasy as others, walking into a yard sale where boxes of books and manuscripts are out on the ground. Leaning over and inhaling the musty odor of old paper, I begin to rummage through the boxes, when something catches my eye…

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