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The X-Files Season 10: Issue #17


Yes! I am so psyched that the writers have brought Frank Black from “Millennium” back and incorporated him into the story. “Millennium” was one of my favorite shows and its untimely end saddened me, although Black did return and was featured in an X-Files episode. “Millennium” is the only TV series that I own on DVD.

Anyway, for those of you who are unfamiliar with Frank Black, he is a retired FBI profiler with psychic abilities that allow him to see visions of what serial killers are thinking and feeling. His investigations are centered around apocalyptic fears and events associated with the millennium.

In this issue, Black comes to assist Mulder in the investigation surrounding Joanie Cartwright. Frank senses that an evil entity is behind the events. After Cartwright and her followers commit a mass suicide, the entity takes possession of a person and the issue leaves you hanging.

I can’t wait to find out what happens. I would really be psyched if they branched out and did a Millennium comic, or a film. I suppose I will have to wait until more is revealed.

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The X-Files Season 10 Comic: Issue #6

XFiles_10-06The first five issues of this series are all tied to the same alien conspiracy theme. With issue #6, we have Mulder and Scully working on an actual x-file again, in this case, the return of the “flukeman,” which was one of the episodes that stood out for me from the original TV series.

Mulder and Scully are now officially reinstated as FBI agents and introduced to their new supervisor, Assistant Director Anna Morales. Morales lets the agents know that the political game has changed in Washington and that the agency needs to score points by closing cases. Hence, they are assigned to investigate a death on Martha’s Vineyard that is similar to the old flukeman case.

I have to say that this is my favorite issue so far. The previous ones, although good, were flawed in my opinion. They seemed intentionally obscure and took some creative liberties that were a little too much for my taste, but this one really works for me. The theme is true to the original X-Files and draws from the mythos, yet the story stands on its own. And the return of the flukeman is explained in a scientific and “plausible” manner, not like the weak resurrections of other characters (see my earlier reviews regarding the returns of the lone gunmen and the smoking man).

The issue ends on a nice cliffhanger and I confess I am eager to read the next installment. As I said, this issue stands on its own, so even if you have not read the previous ones, you could read this and not feel lost. I recommend it to any x-fan. Enjoy!

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