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“The Secret Teachings of All Ages” by Manly P. Hall: Part 9 – The Universe in a Grain of Sand

In “Chapter XXXV: The Theory and Practice of Alchemy, Part I,” Manly P. Hall states:

One of the great axioms is, “Within everything is the seed of everything,” although by the simple processes of Nature it may remain latent for many centuries, or its growth may be exceedingly slow. Therefore, every grain of sand contains not only the seed of the precious metals as well as the seed of the priceless gems, but also the seeds of sun, moon, and stars. As within the nature of man is reflected the entire universe in miniature, so in each grain of sand, each drop of water, each tiny particle of cosmic dust, are concealed all the parts and elements of the cosmos in the form of tiny seed germs so minute that even the most powerful microscope cannot detect them. Trillions of times smaller than the ion or electron, these seeds—unrecognizable and incomprehensible—await the time assigned them for growth and expression.

(pp. 499 – 501)

As I read this, I was reminded of the opening lines from William Blake’s poem, “Auguries of Innocence”:

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour

What I find so fascinating about this is that both Hall and Blake expressed this concept long before modern physics would bring us chaos theory, the idea of a holographic universe, or the ability to view particles at the sub-quantum level. It almost seems like modern science is in the process of validating ideas that existed within the realm of metaphysical thought for centuries. For me, this is exciting. For too long, spirituality and science have existed in opposition to each other. I genuinely believe that humanity’s future lies in the possibility of uniting science and spirituality; essentially, an alchemical marriage of sorts.

That was all I had to share about this. I hope you found the quotes as inspiring and thought-provoking as I did. Thanks for stopping by and sharing in my musings. Stay safe.

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The X-Files Conspiracy: Issue #1

XFilesConspiracy_01This is the first issue in a six-part miniseries. The premise is that researchers at CERN, after isolating the Higgs Boson, discovered a new particle: the Higgs Singlet. According to the comic, the Higgs Singlet “is reputedly able to travel into a fifth dimension, cutting through time like a scalpel through flesh.” I did a quick Google search and discovered that the particle exists. There are several articles regarding the Higgs Singlet on physics sites, if you are inclined to learn more about this. Anyway, the story continues with the Lone Gunmen receiving encrypted files from a CERN scientist. As they begin decrypting the files, they discover that the files are articles concerning a pandemic which appears to be caused by a man-made virus. The Gunmen share the information with Mulder and Scully as the first outbreak occurs.

While the Lone Gunmen have always my least favorite thing about the X-Files, I have to confess that this story interests me. I am fascinated by physics, especially as it relates to matters that have often been solely in the realm of the spiritual. A great book in this area is The Holographic Universe. If you are interested in the marriage of science and mysticism, I highly recommend this book. And while I do not consider myself to be a conspiracy freak, I think it would be foolish to dismiss the possibility that a corporation or government might not be actively exploring the genetic manipulation of viruses to be used as biological weapons.

I don’t want to give away too much of the story; just enough to whet the appetite. The artwork is OK, but not spectacular. The writing and storyline certainly makes up for it, though. The good thing is, if you are an X-Fan or merely a conspiracy buff, you can follow this comic without a major commitment. Hey, it’s only six issues, right? If you decide to read them, feel free to share your thoughts. Cheers, and happy reading!


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