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Kick-Ass: Issue #8

KickAss_8So this was the big finale. I have to say, I was not disappointed in the least. In fact, I was pretty psyched that the ending was different from the film. Fair warning, though, this issue is extremely graphic. Without giving away any spoilers, let’s just say that when one person gets his genitals shot off, you see pieces of them flying amid the blood. This is not for the faint-of-heart, or for younger readers. You have been duly warned.

In classic comic fashion, the series ends with a setup for a continuation. I know that there is a Kick-Ass 2, as well as a Kick-Ass 3 series. I may read and review them at some point, but for now, I need a break. If you’ve read series 2 or 3, I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts, particularly in regard to how they measure up to the original.

Finally, for those who are interested, here are links to the previous installments:

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Kick-Ass: Issue #7

KickAss_7Spoiler Alert.

Usually I avoid spoilers in my posts, but it would be impossible to write anything about this issue without spoilers.

In his issue, Big Daddy gets killed by the mob and Kick-Ass gets his ass kicked. Before Big Daddy dies, he claims that he was not an ex-cop, that he was really just a fanboy trying to live out his comic-book fantasies. He says he involved his daughter as a way of providing her with an “exciting life,” one where she is not “growing up watching American Idol.”

Since this concept of Big Daddy as a fanboy was not in the movie, I really don’t know how the rest of the series will play out. It seems that the big finale in the next issue is going to be quite different from the film finale, which is good. I like a little variation.

The issue ends with Hit-Girl and Kick-Ass ready to take on the mob boss and his henchmen. Check back tomorrow for the conclusion.

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Kick-Ass: Issue #6

KickAss_6I am in the midst of reading a very good novel, so this morning I had to decide whether to read the next issue of Kick-Ass or continue with the book. I decided to read Issue #6 since it would be a quick read and then I would have something to write about.

It was a quick read, but unfortunately, I don’t have a whole lot to write about. This was essentially one of those move-the-storyline-along issues. I could go into the details, but I hate spoilers. Basically, Kick-Ass, Hit-Girl, and Big Daddy end up falling for a trap set by the mafia, and in classic comic-book style, the installment leaves you hanging at the end. I’m tempted to read Issue #7 when I finish writing this, but I think I’ll read a chapter or two in Gone Girl before everyone wakes up. One of the great things about being an obsessive early-riser is that quiet time early in the morning when you can sit, drink coffee, and read. I am off to bask in that feeling.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Kick-Ass: Issue #5

KickAss_5There is nothing quite like drinking coffee and reading a comic at 5:30 in the morning.

This installment is excellent, probably my favorite so far. Instead of focusing on blood and fighting (there is neither in this issue), the writer incorporates some great social commentary.

This issue introduces Red Mist, a new “superhero” who captures the media attention and causes Kick-Ass to become envious. The public begins taking sides on who is the better superhero, resulting in tee-shirts claiming “Red Mist > Kick Ass.”

Dave: Actually, it’s the most stupid thing I ever saw. Red Mist is greater than Kick-Ass? What age are you, man? Ten?

Store Clerk: People just like taking sides, Dave. Is Batman cooler than Superman? Is Bourne better than Bond?

This sums up one of the biggest issues I see in society today. People always feel the need to pick a side or a “team” and support them whether they are right or wrong. Politics is the perfect example. Are you Democrat or Republican? Liberal or conservative? If you are part of the other team, then I will oppose you no matter what. It is this mentality that has led us to the situation that we are now in, where nothing gets done anymore because no one wants to be a “traitor” and collaborate with the other side. It’s like the team-sports mentality has seeped in to every aspect of our society.

The other thing that is addressed in this issue, and also in previous issues, is social media. Emphasis is placed on how social media defines who we are in today’s world. Bloggers provide commentary on events and that often sways public opinion. Additionally, success is measured in the number of hits or friends you have online, as demonstrated when Dave relishes the fact that he has “Two million hits on Google. A hundred thousand friends on MySpace.”

The issue ends with Hit-Girl and Big Daddy asking Kick-Ass if he wants to join them on a mission fighting against the mob. I suspect the red ink will be used liberally in the following installment. I’ll have my review up soon. Cheers!

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Kick-Ass: Issue #4

KickAss_4Just finished reading issue #4, which means I am officially halfway through with the series.

This issue introduces Big Daddy and identifies Hit-Girl, who made her appearance in the last issue. I really don’t have a whole lot to write about regarding this installment: the art work is good, the story moves along, but nothing really major occurs that is worth elaborating on. The one thing that I will say about this issue, though, is that there is finally some deviation from the movie, although I have to say that I think the movie improved upon the comic. In the movie, Big Daddy has comic charm which is dreadfully lacking in the comic. This may change later, but for now, Big Daddy is not a very likeable character.

That’s about all I have to say: short and sweet today. Cheers!

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Kick-Ass: Issue #3

KickAss_3OK, the movie may be violent and graphic, but the comic totally trumps the film. This is just downright over-the-top. My guess is that there was a shortage of red ink after this comic was published.

In this issue, Dave assumes his superhero name of Kick-Ass. He also starts pretending to be gay so that he can be friends with a girl he’s attracted to—another brilliant idea, right? But the key part of this issue is when he accepts a request from a woman online to go and challenge her ex-boyfriend who is harassing her. The ex winds up being a drug dealer and a fight ensues. Enter a young girl in a costume who hacks up a few of the hoods. The issue ends with her standing defiantly, ready to take on the rest of the people.

So far, the comic and the movie are almost exactly the same, which is fine. I’d kind of hoped there would be some additional stuff in the comic, but so far that’s not the case. Still, I’m pretty excited about this series and looking forward to reading the next issue. Cheers!!

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Kick-Ass: Issue #2

KickAss_2Last night I took my daughter to see “Kick-Ass 2” at the movies. It was good, almost as good as the original film. Anyway, it made me realize that I should read the next issue in the series.

The comic, like the film, is pretty graphic and not for the faint-at-heart. I mean, look at the cover. This is one of those instances where you really can judge the book by its cover. Despite the graphic violence, I do think that the comic has social value.

In this issue, Dave slowly recovers from the injuries he suffered while trying to be a real-life superhero. He vows never to do anything that stupid again, but like many of us, he finds himself going back and doing the one thing that he knows is really stupid. He criticizes his own stupidity as he dresses up and heads out again.

This time out, he defends someone who is getting beaten by a group of thugs. He gets beaten pretty badly, but manages to protect the person and fight off the hoods. What I found most disturbing about the scene, though, was not the violence, but the “innocent bystanders” with their cell phones, snapping pictures and video as the violence unfolds. No one bothers to step in and help, and this is a terrifyingly accurate portrayal of real life. It brought back images from the recent unrest in Turkey, particularly a photo I saw on a news site of a young woman, bleeding profusely, in obvious agony, and all around her were people with cameras and cell phones, recording her pain but refusing to assist her. I was disgusted.

Although I love social media and I think that it has revolutionized the way we interact with the world, it has also made some of us callous to suffering. We are bombarded with images of people suffering around the world. After a while, we have to tune it out. That is the dark side of social media and we must be vigilant about it.

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Kick-Ass: Issue #1

KickAss_1Comixology recently had a sale to celebrate the release of Kick-Ass 2 in the theaters: digital copies of each issue of Kick-Ass for 99 cents each. Of course, I downloaded the entire series. It took me a little while, but I finally got around to reading the first one.

The main character, Dave Lizewski, is your average teenage boy. Nothing special about him, he’s just average. He describes himself as follows:

I wouldn’t say I was the class jock, but it would be wrong to say I was the class geek either. I wasn’t the class clown or the class genius or the class anything, really. Like most people my age, I merely existed.

He decides that he wants to become a real-life superhero. Like every teenage boy, it’s a typical fantasy. I had the same fantasy when I was young. But Dave has a thought that would strike a nerve with many adults who passed up on their dreams for the false sense of security that comes with taking your place among the rank and file of the corporate workforce.

Why train for years to do a job you bitched about all day? Didn’t it make more sense to follow your dreams and maybe do a little good at the same time?

I am grateful that I get to do what I love. I write for a living and I have plenty of free time to play music. Many people don’t have those blessings, and I remember how it feels to be stuck in a job that you hate. In the past I dressed in suits and ties, went to an office from 8:30 until 5:30, and had to suck up to people I couldn’t stand. Anyone who was ever in that situation knows the feeling of wishing they could do something more meaningful, something fulfilling that made a difference in the world.

So what is it that pushes Dave to the point where he puts on a mask and sets his life moving in a new direction? “Just the perfect combination of loneliness and despair.” A person must hit bottom before that person becomes desperate enough to make a radical life change. Again, I’ve been there before and I can totally relate to the feelings expressed.

To sum up, I really loved the first issue and am eager to read the next seven. I’m also itching to see the new film. I’ll probably do that this weekend.

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