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Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. 1952: Issue #1


I happened upon this issue by chance, or maybe it was destiny. Regardless, I had been thinking about reading Hellboy comics because the one issue that I had picked up at Free Comic Day was so good. I also enjoyed the films, but since I felt I would be too far behind, I didn’t indulge myself. Then I spied this on the shelves while at the store and asked the woman there about it. She said it is a new series and a great spot to pick up, so I purchased a copy.

This new series will be comprised of a sequence of five-issue mini-series, each one covering one of the Hellboy’s early years at the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense (B.P.R.D.), beginning in 1952.

In this issue, Hellboy is sent on his first assignment. He travels to Brazil with four other B.P.R.D. agents to investigate some mass murders believed to be committed by a “superhuman creature.” The team flies to a remote part of Brazil and gets situated in the home of an elderly woman. The village is located near an old Portuguese fort that had been converted into a prison, but was abandoned following an outbreak of illness that killed many villagers and inmates. The site is believed to be haunted.

The first installment basically is setting the stage and introducing the characters, which is great for me. The writing is good and I really like the artwork. The dark and drab color scheme evokes a sense of 1950’s noir mystery, but is then contrasted by the stark red color of Hellboy. It heightens the fact that he is not of this dimension and makes him visually stand out.

I am really looking forward to this series. I have only ever heard good things about Hellboy comics so I am eager to read more. Cheers!

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The X-Files Conspiracy: #2


This issue concludes the six-part miniseries. While the series as a whole was a little goofy at times, overall it worked for me.

In this issue, the Lone Gunmen are reunited with Mulder and Scully as they race to prevent the spread of the genetically modified alien hybrid virus. The story works really well and concludes nicely. There is a twist at the end that draws on parallel universe theory in quantum physics, but that’s all I’ll say. You know how I feel about spoilers.

What really stood out for me in this issue, though, was the quality of the art work. It’s very good! There is one particular set of panels where Mulder is exploring a dark warehouse using a flashlight. The artist does a great job with light and shadow that evoked some of my favorite scenes from the television series. I’m no artist, but I understand that capturing the way light works is very difficult for a visual artist. Kudos to Stephen Downer and Chris Mowry for their work on this.

Reading this was welcome and refreshing, especially after reading the dismal X-Files 2014 Annual issue. I’m not sure if IDW plans to continue the Conspiracy series, but I hope so. I am, after all, a life-long X-Phile.

Links to my reviews of past X-Files Conspiracy issues:

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The X-Files Season 10 Comic: Issue #5

XFiles_10-05As it gets closer to Halloween, it’s only appropriate that Spooky Mulder makes an appearance.

The other day I called the comic store to see if the latest X-Files comic was in. I was told it was so I went over after finishing work. I experienced a moment of panic when I looked on the shelf and all the new issues were gone. I asked at the counter and thankfully they had put one aside for me. Thank you, Comic Envy!!

This installment is definitely interesting, but I am feeling like I need to go back and re-read the earlier issues. Some of the details from the earlier issues are getting a little foggy.

In this episode, Scully encounters an alien craft. Later, when she is relating her experience to the FBI panel, she states:

I cannot fully recall the events at Yellowstone. Nor can I say for certain what these acolytes truly wanted me for. It would seem their purpose was to show us something on some level beyond observations. Past the limits of normal memory and recall.

So far, this is the most thought-provoking section in the comic series, and finally something I deem intellectually worthy of The X-Files. Certain events can only be experienced when one is in an altered state of consciousness. It’s my belief that spiritual and paranormal experiences occur in these altered states and that when one returns to “normal” consciousness, one can no longer recall the details of the event. Likewise, communications between us and other entities that transpire in these states do not use language as we know it; rather, communication occurs using symbols that are perceived on a completely different psychic level. Anyway, Scully’s encounter and her inability to recall the details of what happened fall into this category of paranormal communication.

Scully also states: “There are forces out there who seek to alter our society… whose purpose, however cryptic and hidden, threatens our very existence.” This is true on multiple levels. Not to sound like a conspiracy nut, but there is no question that there are many organizations out there, each with their own agenda, who seek to alter our society. For this reason, vigilance is important. We must all pay attention to what is going on around us and ask questions. Don’t ever accept blindly what you are told. Doing so often leads to changes that are not in our interest.

Now, I can honestly say, I am eagerly awaiting issue #6.

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