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Witchblade Issue 160: Saviors, Part 2


This issue continues Sara Pezzini’s conflict with Alisa Spencer, the dark scion. While I found it better than Part 1, I can’t say that there is a whole lot for me to elaborate on. The writing is good; the artwork is good; I like where the story goes. My only criticism is that there is no resolution and there are no choice sections worthy of elaborating on. Still, it moves the overall story forward and sets us up for future installments. And that’s fine. Not every issue can include deep, thought-provoking material. Sometimes, you just have to move the plot along.

My apologies for the short post, but no need to waste words.


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Witchblade Issue 159: Saviors, Part 1


First, let me say that this issue is pretty graphic. There is liberal use of red ink. While this does not bother me, it may disturb others, so I figured I’d point it out.

The story is a kind of an inverted “Da Vinci Code.” Just as there was a scion which was the bloodline of Christ and Magdalene, this comic explores the idea of an anti-Magdelena. This dark scion is embodied in a young hipster chic who is all bubbly and smiley as she manipulates others to carry out her wicked plans.

I’m not sure that this storyline is working for me, possibly because it feels a little hackneyed. I also find Dan Brown to be irritating, so something that seems to be inspired by one of Brown’s novels just isn’t all that exciting for me. That said, I didn’t hate it. The artwork is vivid and stunning as always, and the writing is solid, it’s just that the plot is not that interesting to me, but again, I am a little biased because of my feelings towards Mr. Brown.

I will read Part 2 and see where the story goes. I have not been disappointed with Witchblade yet, so I remain optimistic. Worst case scenario, I suffer through another issue strewn with “Da Vinci Code” references.

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