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Afterlife with Archie: Issue #3 (Things Fall Apart… Quickly)


Archie and the gang trying to survive the zombie apocalypse; it just doesn’t get much better than this.

Issue 2 left off with Archie and the gang holed up inside Veronica Lodge’s mansion, but with the revelation that one of them was infected. That one turns out to be Midge. Meanwhile, Archie sneaks out to find his parents and discovers that chaos reigns in Riverdale.

My favorite passage from this issue is spoken by Veronica’s father, Hiram Lodge. After his butler reports on the status of things, Hiram comments: “Good Lord, how did it all fall apart so quickly?” We all like to think that our social structure is so secure, but the reality is that is not the case. Things fall apart, and when they do, it happens quickly. I remember being in Miami when Hurricane Andrew struck. What I witnessed first-hand changed my view of society’s stability forever. In no time at all, people were shooting at each other over water, breaking into each other’s homes to steal food and supplies. It was complete chaos.

Our society has become so digitized, I shudder to think what would happen if there was a collapse in infrastructure. How many people have money or food stores on hand? Very few. If all of a sudden no one could use a credit card or withdraw from an ATM, what would happen? Things would fall apart… quickly.

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Chinua Achebe Passed Away

ThingsFallApartI read on the Huffington Post today that Chinua Achebe passed away. I first read Things Fall Apart in my honors-level English class in college. I thought it was such a great book that I read No Longer At Ease on my own. Since most books that you read in school are written by dead white men, it was refreshing to read something that didn’t fall into that category.

I did a quick search and discovered that he wrote three other books which I had not heard of: Arrow of God; A Man of the People; and Anthills of the Savannah. In addition, he published short stories, poetry, and children’s books. I guess I’ll have to add some of these to my reading list. If you have a recommendation, let me know.

RIP Chinua.

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